How Mentoring works  

Mentoring starts with us actively listening to you, and understanding your business and personal goals.  Mentoring empowers you to think strategically about your business, and gives you the confidence to take control of your business.  


There is no set length, frequency or number of meetings:

  • 1-2 hours per meeting works well for most clients.  
  • Clients' generally prefer to hold the first 2 or 3 meetings in a short time frame, say one per week, then settle into a longer frequency, such as fortnightly or monthly.  
  • This can develop into a long-term mentoring relationship with quarterly or even 6 monthly meetings to help clients maintain their focus on business improvement.

  • Consultancy services can be blended with mentoring to help your business develop at your pace
To find out how to improve your business and achieve your goals, contact us for a free initial discussion.

Consulting projects can be undertaken using sources of funding other than your own.  contact us to find out more!

 Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not completely satisfied with our services for any reason, we promise to refund your fee.

Try before you buy

Your initial meeting is free and without obligation.

In the past year, I approached mentoring with an open mind and heart, knowing that once I did, I would clarify my path and fulfil my need to further identify who I am, what drives me, my purpose and how I achieve it. Ross Nichols was absolutely superb at being able to help me understand and respond to my fears whilst embracing my skills and capabilities. Undeniably the most wonderful mentoring outcome is firmly knowing that I am enough, I am amazing and I am a creative, resilient and progressive entrepreneur & individual!

Thank you Ross Nichols

Noƫlle Balfour
Interior Stylist & Designer

To check out our principal mentor, Ross Nichols, view his Linkedin profile 

"Ross. as a mentor, was very understanding and helpful.  What intrigued me the most about his style of mentoring was his ability to dig deep into the souls of his mentees i.e. to find out what force drove them on the road of entrepreneurship.  This, I believe, is a great way to tap into one's potential.  

This helps to tune into different perspectives and helps you to understand where you might possibly be going in your business versus where you want to go.

Like most entrepreneurs, you think you are doing all the right things but then the results are not reflecting that.  With the help of a mentor like Ross, he helps you fish out the loop holes in your current business model and then recommends ways to solve it.

After being mentored by Ross, I can now say there is a clear vision on the goals I want to achieve with my business.  I am taking both small and large steps in order to achieve it and the future is looking very positive."

Tomi D-F
Business Owner