To find out more about our founder and principal mentor Ross Nichols, view his LinkedIn Profile.  

After a 26 year career as a Royal Engineer, Ross Nichols founded the Company in 2011 to provide the bespoke support that small and medium sized businesses need, but which isn't always available in other business coaching and mentoring programmes.  Ross is passionate about mentoring and coaching - in his own words, 'Helping others to succeed is my passion and my purpose'.  

We use only trusted associates to deliver the mentoring, coaching and consultancy support our clients want and need.  All our associates are members of appropriate professional bodies and are fully insured.  

Our clients gain clarity over their direction and control over their business.  We help them to re-connect with the reason they started out in business, to improve their business and achieve their goals.  Mentoring and coaching are probably the most cost effective way to improve a business yet many business owners don't realise this - we want to change that perception!

We have total confidence in our associates: if you are not satisfied with our services for any reason, we promise to refund your fee.  To find out more or to arrange a free, no obligation consultation, contact us now on 020 8242 6271.


I was thrilled to be interviewed about my research and experience of leadership for this buzz sprout podcast series, 'Leaders on the Mic'.