Project and Programme Management

 You may not realise that many of the tasks you undertake are projects in their own right, and that the use of project management techniques increases the likelihood of project success.  Moving to new premises, launching a new product or hiring a new team member are all examples of projects that we don't always recognise as projects.

Good project management helps you get clear on why you are initiating something new, what your criteria for success are, and the sequence of activities needed to achieve it.  Projects vary in complexity and challenge so it's important to use an appropriate project management approach for each project.  One of the benefits of good project management when undertaking a challenging new project is that you will gain a good understanding of the anticipated costs and risks of the project.  This can help you to avoid making expensive mistakes if you make an informed decision not to proceed with a project.

If you are running numerous projects, they can be grouped into programmes, which is where a programme management approach can be used.  Alternatively, you may be considering a programme, which comprises a number of subordinate projects.  Good programme management helps you to understand the benefits of a programme, which is important when making the decision to invest in a programme.  It also helps you to identify when programme benefits are due to arise so that you can manage the realisation of these benefits, which will help you to achieve a good return on your investment.

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