Intellectual Property

IP Health Check

Your Intellectual Property (IP) is valuable and in this information age, your IP can be a critical asset for your business.  Your IP can be stolen without you knowing and in the extreme this can lead to your business being wound up.  You can also unintentionally share IP, which cannot then be protected because it is in the public domain.  

Most businesses have far more IP than they realise and they are often unaware that they don’t necessarily own it themselves.  You do therefore need to understand who owns the IP you are using and protect your IP as you would any other valuable asset.  

An IP Health Check will help you to reduce the IP-related risks to your business and give you peace of mind that your IP is appropriately protected.  Most of the information needed can be gathered during an initial conversation with us and from your website and other publicly available information such as brochures of your products and services. 

 IP Strategy Review

While an IP Health Check meets your immediate need to manage IP-related risks to your business now, you may need an IP Strategy Review to manage IP-related risks to your business in the future.  

As your business scales up, the need to protect your IP from competitors increases.  As your business develops the range of products and services it sells, and as it moves up the value chain, your IP Strategy becomes ever more central to your business strategy.  

An IP Strategy Review will help you to reduce the IP-related risks your business faces in the future; and it will help you to integrate your IP Strategy with your business strategy and so maximise future revenues from your IP.  

To conduct an IP Strategy Review we will first need to conduct an IP Health Check and then gain a good understanding of your plans to develop your business.  Key information will include new products and services, new markets and whether in UK, Europe or other countries outside Europe.

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