Leading Change

Most people are in favour of progress but few people want to change so managing change is a real leadership challenge.

The process of change follows the 'change curve'. Initially there may be anxiety over forthcoming change then some positive feelings that things are at last going to change.  When change begins to take effect, some people go into denial ('I'm not changing!') or become fearful and angry at others or themselves.  They may become disillusioned and leave your team or feel depressed and become hostile.  Eventually they will reach the bottom of the curve and begin the process of gradual acceptance, which allows them to move upwards and onwards to embrace the change.

To lead people through change, you need to have the courage to be honest with them and engage them in the process of change.  You need to understand their feelings with empathy and compassion and communicate your vision of how the change will benefit everyone to give them hope in the future.  Effective leadership will help your people to move up the change curve more quickly and more smoothly and minimise the friction.

Many of the services we offer will help you to implement change such as strategy, planning, risk management, quality management, and project and programme managment.  We can also provide you with leadership coaching and executive coaching to help you and your senior leaders to create the conditions for successful change and to implement the changes needed to achieve your vision and goals.

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