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Diary of a Business Accelerator: 5 of 6

Session #5 was a bonus session with Nic Rixon, which was refreshingly different!  There were lots of nuggets to take from this day, such as, ‘when planning your business, halve your revenues, double your costs and if it still works, do it!’  He intrigued me with his reference to, ‘push, pull or horse whispering.’  From memory (and I may have got this wrong) this was about the psychology of how to sell.  Ric shared the ‘blue-red-black’ method for building a business by understanding how much time we spend on each colour: blue = revenue generating; red = back office; black = business development.  If your business is struggling, it’s likely that you have an imbalance between these activities.  His ‘SWSWSWNO’ was a great little reminder that we can’t please everyone so don’t waste time chasing the money because, ‘Some Will, Some Won’t, So What?  Next One!’  I liked Nic’s insights that we need to be clear on what we want from our business so that we design a business that supports us, rather than designing a business that we have to support.  This was an advanced business session with a lot to take in and it would be good to be able to re-visit this in say a year’s time.

July 21st 2017